Mountain Pass

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eNext Tesla Performanc Kurvige Land und Passstraßen

Winding Pass Roads

eNext individuelle Route

Individual Route

eNext Zusatzfahrer

Optional Drivers included


1-2 Days

Tesla Model 3 Performance

Pass- and Panoramic Roads

Example Route: "Mountain pass - Variation Pitztal"

From Munich you take a seat in the driver's seat of an electric sports car with over 500 hp. On the trip to Mandarfen you will enjoy the advantages of the Tesla Model 3 Performance on winding pass roads and panoramic roads.


Surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the Pitztal glacier, you will experience the influences and changes of our climate at first hand. A mountain tour on the 

Glacier awaits you with a beautiful panorama. With a subsequent wellness stay in the Biohotel Stillebach you can end the day relaxed and enjoyable. One of the highlights is the included 3-course menu made from regional and sustainable ingredients.


Well recovered it goes over the Fernpass back to Munich. Here the performance of the electric sports car comes into its own. Optionally you can extend your stay in order to enjoy the glacier skiing area at its best.

2 Days of lane

Tesla Model 3 Performance

Decide for yourself how you would like to create your driving fun weekend. With the eNext Roadbook you can enjoy the advantages of electric sports cars on selected routes. The eNext Roadbook offers maximum freedom so that you can adapt your daily routine to your individual needs.

eNext Achensee Tesla Model 3 Performanc

Example Route: "Mountain Pass - Variation Achensee".


You start on the Autobahn A8 direction Salzburg. Here you can already experience the acceleration capacity and driving at top speed of the Tesla Model 3 Performance. Passing the Tegernsee, the route leads you over narrow pass roads to Austria. 


Around noon, the legendary Posthotel at the Achensee will be visited. On request, a 3-course menu awaits you here for refreshments. In the afternoon it goes then approx. 30 km further to Tesla Supercharger to Kitzbühel. Here you will find a fast charging station where the battery is filled with more than 100 kW of charging power. 


Afterwards, winding pass roads lead you via Ellmau and the Ursprungpass to Bayrischzell. The country roads offer perfect conditions for testing the agility of the chassis. Changing drivers in the small villages in the direction of Bayrischzell is an ideal option.